1. carlyalyssathorne:

    Colbie Caillat – Try – YouTube

    Colbie Calliat “Gypsy Heart Side A” available now! iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: ht… Source: www.youtube.com

    I may or may not have started crying when watching this….

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  2. joyfulllives:

    I may not have your ideal body, but my body will forever be ideal for me. I’m tired of being insecure for the thing that gives me everything in life. My body is perfect because my body is mine

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  7. A note for when things get scary


    I am more than just my body. Other people see me for so much more. I’d rather be fun than be skinny. I’d rather make people laugh than diet. I can cope with life better if I’m healthy.

    (This applies to you too)

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  8. urashleytis:

    havent relapsed in a year? im so proud of you

    havent relapsed in a week? im so proud of you

    havent relapsed in a day? im so proud of you

    havent relapsed in a minute? im so proud of you

    no matter how long the time since your last relapse, you’re still making progress, you’re still fighting and you’re still staying strong and isnt that what matters the most? dont think of it as a competition, we all move at different paces, focus on your own goals and be proud of yourself!

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  9. What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?
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